Rackslab announces the release of Fatbuildr v1.0.0, first official release of the open source continuous delivery solution.

Fatbuildr is designed to build software and distribute them in various formats. It takes software and artifact definitions inputs, then it builds artifacts based on definitions and publish them in registries.

Fatbuildr overview

Typically, Fatbuildr is used to build Deb and RPM packages and publish them in APT and DNF repositories, or build containers images and publish them in containers registries.

Fatbuildr manages artifacts definitions, build environments, the registries with their content and the signing keyring in a reproducible and automated manner. It helps organizations maintaining their software artifacts, including their dependencies, with high level of quality, consistency and security.

The initial release supports building and publishing RPM packages, Deb packages and OSI images. The solution is fully modular and extensible, more supported formats can be easily added.

For more details, read the full description of Fatbuildr, or discover its advanced features!

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