Open Source web dashboard for Slurm HPC clusters

Software Information

  • Last Release : 3.0.0
  • Release Date : 2024-05-13
  • Technologies : Python, VueJS, Slurm
  • License : GNU GPL v3 (or later)


Slurm-web is an open source web dashboard for Slurm based HPC clusters.

Slurm is the world leading workload manager for HPC clusters with all most advanced features to manage jobs and resources efficiently with a powerful command-line interface (CLI).

Slurm-web provides a clear graphical user interface with views to track your jobs, intuitive insights and advanced visualizations on top of Slurm to monitor status of HPC supercomputers in your organization, in a web browser on all your devices.

Slurm-web devices

Many features are included in a reactive & responsive web UI:

  • Instant jobs filtering and sorting
  • Live jobs status update
  • Advanced visualization of node status with racking topology
  • Intuitive visualization of QOS and advanced reservations
  • Multi-clusters support
  • LDAP authentication
  • Advanced RBAC permissions management
  • Transparent caching

Get all details on Slurm-web website and its complete documentation. The full roadmap is published with many features ideas for the next releases.

Commercial Support

Rackslab offers commercial support and professionnal services for Slurm-web (eg. training, features development, etc). Please contact us for more details.