Open Source Continuous Delivery Solution

Project Details

  • Last Release : 2.0.0
  • Release Date : 2023-05-05
  • Technologies : Python, Containers, REST
  • License : GNU GPL v3 (or later)


Fatbuildr is an open source continuous delivery solution. It takes software and artifact definitions inputs, then it builds artifacts based on definitions and publish them in registries :

Fatbuildr overview

Typically, Fatbuildr is used to build deb and RPM packages and publish them in APT and DNF repositories, or build containers images and publish them in containers registries.

Fatbuildr manages all the complexity of secured software distribution:

  • Publication of artifacts in standards registries (ex: APT/DNF repositories)
  • Digital signatures of artifacts with secured cryptographic keys
  • Automatic removal of deprecated artifacts
  • Clean and updated build environments
  • Support of multiple hardware architectures (ex: ARM, x86_64)

By integrating the best-in-class technologies, Fatbuildr helps organizations to significantly increase the quality of their software deliverables on many criteria:

  • Maintain a set of software artifacts with high-level of quality and consistency
  • Fully-adopt the best integration guidelines defined by the Linux distribution community
  • Control and manage software dependencies for all targeted environments
  • Check software compatibility with supported environments
  • Get reproducible builds

The following artifacts formats are currently supported:

  • RPM packages
  • Deb packages
  • OSI images

The software is fully modular and extensible, more supported formats can be easily added.

Fatbuildr uses multiple components architecture to provide both a command-line interface (CLI) and a web interface. A REST API is also available for integration with other tools.

For more details, read the full description of Fatbuildr, or discover its advanced features!

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Continuous Delivery

Continuous delivery is in the middle of CI/CD pipeline: after unit tests validation (CI), it is responsible of building the artifacts and perform essential system integration tests, ready for deployment (CD).

Fatbuildr CI/CD Pipeline

Continuous integration ensures software components work atomically, that all individual parts of the software produce expected results. However, unit tests do not test the software works in all supported heterogenous ecosystem, with different versions of OS distributions bundled with their specific stack of libraries and tools.

Continuous delivery platforms provide solution to build and publish software artifacts for many software ecosystem and perform advanced system integration tests to secure deployments in heterogenous production environments.

Commercial Support

Rackslab offers commercial support and professionnal services for Fatbuildr (eg. training, features development, etc). Please contact us for more details.