Rackslab announces the release of Slurm-web v3.1.0, with several new features and some bug fixes.

Slurm is the world leading workload manager for HPC clusters with all most advanced features to manage jobs and resources efficiently with a powerful command-line interface (CLI).

Slurm-web provides a clear graphical user interface with views to track your jobs, intuitive insights and advanced visualizations on top of Slurm to monitor status of HPC supercomputers in your organization, in a web browser on all your devices.


This new version 3.1.0 is the first maintenance release since the release of the major version v3.0.0. It provides several new features:

  • Possibility to hide denied clusters to users (#296)
  • Display requested resources in jobs list (#297)
  • Retrieve clusters information in parallel to improve performances after user sign in (#304)
  • Display job priority in job details page (#300)

Some bug fixes are also included in this release:

  • Support LDAP directory with custom user name attribute (#305)
  • Support of node names with suffix in folded lists (#302)
  • Support of jobs cancelled state (#295)

For reference, the full changelog is available in v3.1.0 release page.

Get more details on Slurm-web website and its complete documentation. Ready to try? Follow the quickstart guide!

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