Rackslab announces the release of new version RacksDB v0.2.0, an open source solution to modelize your datacenters infrastructures with two new major features.

The major new features of this release are:

  • JSON outputs. The results of all database requests can now be formatted in both YAML and JSON.
  • REST API provided by the new executable racksdb-web. With this API, the database can be requested over the network with simple HTTP requests.

This new version also includes several fixes and some minor evolutions. Here is the content of the release notes :


  • core:
    • Add dumper for JSON format (#3).
    • Add possibility to keep expandable objects folded in dumpers.
    • Support loading sequence of objects with key property as a mapping whose keys are the key property of the contained objects.
    • Add examples for some properties in schema.
    • Add native class property on all SchemaDefinedTypes to declare the native type returned by the defined type after parsing.
    • Report defined type native type in schema dumps.
  • cli:
    • Add format option for datacenters, nodes, racks and infrastructures subcommands to control output format.
    • Add fold option to control folding of expandable objects in outputs of datacenters, nodes, racks and infrastructures subcommands.
    • Add possibility to select output format of the list of datacenters, infrastructures, nodes and racks names.
  • web: New executable racksdb-web to serve HTTP REST API.
  • lib:
    • Add RacksDB.racks property to get the full list of racks.
    • Add possibility to filter list Racks by name.
    • Add RacksDBRack.fillrate computed property.
    • Add support for len(DBList).
    • Add RacksDBRacksRow.nbracks computed property.
  • docs:
    • Add installation method from sources intended to software developers in the quickstart guide.
    • Add the « Release notes » page based on the content of CHANGELOG.md.
    • Mention --format and --fold options in manpage.
    • Update splitted database examples to demonstrate the possibility to declare sequence of objects with key property as mappings.
    • Mention sequence/mapping equivalence for list of objects with keys in concepts page.
    • Mention new racks attribute on RacksDB class specialization in library API reference.
    • Mention nodes, fillrate computed property and filtering capability on RacksDBRack class specialization in library API reference.
    • Mention nbracks computed property on RacksDBRacksRow class specialization in library API reference.
    • Mention available examples in database files page.
    • Add REST API reference documentation based on OpenAPI specification.
    • Add manpage for racksdb-web(1).
    • Add Data Visibility section to illustrate custom data in extension page.


  • schema:
    • Rename objects:
      • DatacenterRoomRackRack
      • DatacenterRoomRowRacksRow
      • DatacenterRoomPositionRacksRowPosition
  • core:
    • Introduce DBDict objects that inherit from standard Python dict to handle list of objects with keys (#15).
    • New schema format with properties specifications as mapping/hash
    • Schema dumps are now the raw data loaded in schema YAML files and defined types instead of an interpreted output.
  • lib:
    • RacksDB.nodes and RacksDBInfrastructure.nodes attributes are now DBDict of unexpanded nodes.
    • Store datacenters, infrastructures and nodes tags in DBList objects.
  • docs:
    • Present the supported Linux distributions with tabs in the quickstart guide.
    • Mention key attribute on {Network,Storage}Equipment.name property in structure reference.
    • Move database concepts in a dedicated page.
    • Update library API reference and examples with new DBDict class and changes on DBList class.
    • Load of extension example due to missing rack type.
    • Update quickstart guide to mention Python library and REST API.
    • Update schema and extensions pages to document new schema file format.


  • core: Rename module that contains defined types definitions dtypes to avoid potential conflict with Python standard library types module (#18).
  • cli: Catch RacksDB internal errors to report in command output and exit with return code 1.
  • schema: Add key attribute on {Network,Storage}Equipment.name property.
  • docs: Fix spelling in schema extension page.


  • core: Drop support optional [] attribute suffix for expandable properties.
  • docs: Mention of tags attributes in library API reference on RacksDBDatacenter, RacksDBDatacenter and RacksDBNode classes specializations.

For more details about RacksDB, please read its full description.

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