Rackslab announces the release of new version Fatbuildr v1.1.0. This new version includes several fixes and some minor evolutions. Here is the content of the release notes :


  • docs:
    • Add large Fatbuildr logos intended for docs.rackslab.io landing page
    • Add Release notes page based on CHANGELOG.md
    • Use tabs for distributions in quickstart guide
    • Mention support of Fedora 37 in quickstart guide (#68)
  • conf: add env_as_root boolean parameter in format:{deb,rpm} section to control if commands to create and update build environments are executed as root super-user or the user running fatbuildrd daemon.
  • pkgs: add CHANGELOG.md in {deb,rpm} packages
  • templates: add gittag filter which is notably useful to transform version number into valid Git tag in tarball URL.
  • lib: make PatchQueue subshell optional
  • utils: add import-srcrpm utility to import an existing source RPM package and convert it into an artifact defined ready to be consumed by Fatbuildr.


  • pkgs: remove useless symbolic link in prescript
  • cli:
    • Avoid catching unwanted AttributeError exceptions while checking for action argument on Python < 3.7.
    • Remove temporary directory after the patch queue is exported instead of relying on cleanup registry.
  • web:
    • Add missing return to fix the index redirect view (from / to /registry) when Fatbuildrweb is executed in mono-instance mode.
    • Fix support of Flask >= 2.0 (#69)


  • pkgs:
    • Bump the packaged version of mkosi from 13 to 14
    • Update Fatbuildr packages to depend on mkosi >= 14
  • conf:
    • Rename mkosi --skeleton option to --skeleton-tree to follow mkosi 14 change.
    • Bump Fedora release from 35 to 37 in rpm and osi container images
  • docs:
    • Set more generic names for packages repositories in install guide
    • doc folder in sources renamed to docs

For more details about Fatbuildr are available in its full description page. You can also discover its advanced features!

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